Plane Spotting at KMSP 12/29/2016

Today was a great day for plane spotting!
I saw:

  • Sun Country 737-700 (new livery)
  • Sun Country 737-800 (Dutch registered?! PH-HZJ)
  • Delta Airlines 757-200 (winglets)
  • Delta Airlines 757-200 (no winglets 🙁)
  • Creepy small plane
  • Delta Airlines 777-200ER

Update: uploaded the video, here’s the link:



Wonderful catches.

why does it look like a fish eye ? DId you edit it or is your camera like that. But nicce pics ;)

Looks cold there. Nice camera! Great catches, is that Sun Country white/green livery going to be repainted?

That’s a Transavia plane that Sun Country leased they have 4 of them currently


The high quality zoom lens for my iPhone makes it look like that

nice idea…from my opinion it doesn´t look that good, but because of the fish eye effect

Awesome catches. The fish eye makes the pictures look really nice IMO.

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Where do u spot at? Never mind I can see where u were

Yeah, I should probably invest in a real camera some time soon

you should

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I also live there, I usually go plane spotting in the warmer months.

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Do you have any suggestions?

Nice pictures, but the fisheye combined with the unsharp vignetting is a shame to have in these pictures, especially when you seem so close to the aircraft.

If you are filming when planespotting I would suggest Canon, if you are into both photo- and videography when planespotting, still go for Canon and if you are just photographing then you choose brand. Since I am a Canon fanboy I would choose a Canon. I can give you more advice of you choose to go the Canon way - PM me if so. ;)

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Canon 50D, 70D. If you want I can show you pics of my spotting pics with these cameras

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