Plane Spotting at KLAX

With the intro of 21.2 there have been a lot of flights at LAX so I decided to plane spot a little before I tookoff to Seoul. BTW I am the Korean Air 747-8i

server Expert

Asiana A350 going to Seoul 🇰🇷

China Airways 747-400 going to Taiwan 🇹🇼

Air Force One going to DC 🇺🇸

Korean Air 747-8i going to Seoul 🇰🇷

Inter California Airways Q-400 going to San Francisco 🇺🇸

EL AL 787 Going to Tel Aviv🇮🇱 and British Airways 777-300ER going to London 🇬🇧

Allegiant A320 going to Las Vegas 🇺🇸

American 777-300ER going to Miami 🇺🇸

Boeing Factory 747-8i Arriving from Seattle 🇺🇸

American 787-9 going to Seoul 🇰🇷


oof y there text in the screenshot

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I was trying to get rid of it but it was live ATC and so it was really busy

Next time, try using replay mode to take the screenshot so no text will appear


Amazing! I would really love to know how to planespot on IF? Pm me plss 🥺🥺

Nice shots! It’s crazy how infinite flight makes it look so realistic