Plane spotting at KJFK with my Dad



Nice job! What camera were you using?


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Which one? (Filler)

iPhone 5s iOS9. At Costco.

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Good call choosng Costco. Don’t go to Panera. May look like a better place but Costco offers better angles.


Cool pictures! I wish there were more international carriers coming to Orlando international. Half of the international flights are from England. Icelandair, emirates, and azul are all the bigger planes the rest are all 737s or a320s from central/south America.

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KJFK has 8 A380s

2 Emirates
1 Korean
1 Singapore
1 Etihad
1 Lufthansa
1 AirFrance
1 Asiana

Here’s a list of all the a380 revenue flights to KMCO:
1 Emirates to celebrate the opening of the DXB-MCO route. (Could not go because of school. I was very mad and sad😭😵)

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The second Korean A380 has been downgraded (Pax size wise) or upgraded (Plane wise) to a 747-8. Also an Asiana A380 flies in. Not sure how many daily DXB-JFK A380 flights there are but assuming 2 daily (I think there are double daily), then there should be a third one for the DXB-MXP-JFK

Oh yeah! I forgot about Asiana and the downgrade 👍🏼

One is run by an a340 i think. Or was

EK A340-500 was replaced with an A380-800. Not sure when they were replaced-I have photos of them at JFK in the latter half of the 2000s decade.

I flew on that flight in the A346, on my first trip to Iran (parent’s home country [I was born here]).

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Oh the days of A340s… Such a shame it’s only Iberia, Virgin Atlantic, and Lufthansa (Iberia is seasonally).

So many past A340 operators…

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Fancy seeing you here