Plane spotting at KFLL

Hey guys! It’s about time I show my plane spotting photos. We went to KFLL, but not very long (40 minutes) and uh yeah here they are

4 interesting sights today
Air Canada a330
United 757 (haven’t seen one since 2019)
We saw a 747 (RARE) but I sadly didn’t upload it 😭

Thank you. Wait for October, because we will be back in KFLL or KMIA!!


This belongs in #real-world-aviation:spotting.

Nice photos btw!

I thank you. I need to remember to put that there


Oh I love that south-west 737! Very nice pictures Lucas!

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Great pictures!

Do you know where the a330 came from

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Probably Vancouver or something

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Great photos! Loved spotting at FLL a while back

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