Plane Spotting at KDEN

Here are some of my photos from when I was flying to EGLL from KDEN. Beautiful heavies while I was waiting for my flight. This happened before COVID-19 and I thought I would share these with the IFC!

  • Photo 1 Lufthansa A350
  • Photo 2 United 787
  • Photo 3 Icelandair 757
    *Photo 4 Lufthansa 747

Which one is your favorite?


Tis was a cloudy night in Denver when @A320_Flyerboy19 decided to take photos and post them onto the IFC. @Aviation2929 liked them so much he said
“Nice shots” and thats the end of our story with everyone happy with this little tale.


Ive been on the LH744 to EDDF last October. My favorite flight of all time

Cool catch with the Icelandair 757, nice photos!

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