Plane spotting at Jackson

Hey everyone! While @United403 Was in San Francisco, I decided to go visit his bison and maybe took a couple 🦬 let’s hope he doesn’t get mad 🤭😬 I also did some plane spotting too, let’s do our best to keep this a secret from him 😅 Anyone enjoy the photos!

Here’s our first plane a United A320 pushing back for flight to Houston

Next I saw my beautiful Delta 757 buttering 🧈 from Atlanta

Got a good shot of another United A320 roaring off to Denver

Next I saw the cute little Xcub doing some alpine flying over to driggs

Here’s an American CRJ-700 boarding up passengers as it prepares for a flight to Los Angeles

Next is a Alaska 737-900 exiting the runway from Seattle

Next is a delta A319 holding short of the runway for a flight to Salt Lake City

Then we have a United 737-700 pushing back for a flight to Newark

Up next we had a CL35 arriving from Spokane

Here’s a United A320 arriving from San Francisco, oh wait that’s @United403 😳😨 Ok gotta go bye 😬

Hope you enjoyed!😁

What photo was your favorite?

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Have a good one


Animal Control

0 o


No please don’t call them! It was only 2


I won’t

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Thanks 🙏

You were so close lol
United flies the 737-700 to Houston, not A320

Alaska only flies the E175 to Seattle


Alaska A320 be ded💀

It will forever be remembered

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Na the Q400 was more of a loss ngl

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For real, that was a sad day

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So @United403 Your not mad?

Bro you disrespected his bison, of course he is mad.

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That or I did his routes wrong…

I was about to do the E175 from Seattle but didn’t, and for the Houston flight I guessed

Certainly not. I appreciated the effort 😜
Like I always say on IFC… I don’t get mad easily

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Phew 😮‍💨 @Topgottem You were wrong

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You just gave me a spotting idea for tomorrow 🤭

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Where? 🤔😏🤨

Jackson ofc

Ah so copying I see


Well worth the attempt to troll 🧌

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