Plane Spotting at Honolulu (Infinite Flight)

My video of plane Spotting at Honolulu (Part 2)


Very nice! I subscribed :)


1:09 Korean Ryanair 777
4:49 Massive tail strike

Wow!! Even better than part 1…
Though the expert server landings were not as expert as I thought haha


I would say it looks like this because of the Infinite Flight camera which has bugs.

Many thanks buddy 😜🙌

How do you get these angles when filming?

You can use free-cam or the internal/external drone!

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Oh, you have to manually move the camera.

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For the free-cam, you can move it, then double tap to focus in on one aircraft, but for the drones you do

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Oh, thanks I just discovered that.

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Nice Video!