Plane Spotting at EWR from a car

As you can see by the title… Yes, I was plane spotting from a car, going 75mph down the Turnpike, bumpy roads window up making things, nearly impossible to get a good pic😅. I managed to be as steady as can be and here are the results:


Any guesses on what the last plane could be? 😏

Making a Part 2 to this eventually! (and maybe a series of plane spotting adventures at airports near me)


Is that an Antonov AN-24 varient? There’s like a billion of them so I have no idea on the specifics if it indeed is XD

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Lol, close. It’s a Vulkan Air Antonov AN-26B.

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I salute you man. I salute you.


It’s a AN-24 variant so close enough for me lol

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Yea lol got the aircraft manufacturer correct. Good job tho i thought someone would’ve said Q400

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I would never allow my growing interest in Soviet-era Russian aircraft do that 😶

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