Plane Spotting at EINN

Hello IFC,
I’ll be heading all the way across the country on Friday to visit my cousins. Three hours drive. If I see any special aircraft movements at Shannon/EINN, I’ll probably head over and spot them. Would ye like to see some pictures ?

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Ah, I see thanks

Shannon Airport? Yes! I would love to see some. There are specials sometimes, especially Boeing 747 Freighters and Omni Aircrafts you could look out for. On Sunday there is a chance I will spot a few aircraft in Dublin.

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Yes. Would love to see all the stored aircraft. Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, Ryanair, i think even some TCX. And cant forget about the freighters

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Yeah I’ll get a few pics of those if I go.

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Yeah Thunderbolt already mentioned that about the category. Dublin gets more traffic than Shannon but Shannon gets more interesting stuff. I know your a local, any spotting location recommendations? It’s actually my first time in Shannon.

Sure! I have two good places.

1. If runway 24 opens for landing, or runway 06 for take off.

From N19, first roundabout right third turn, second roundabout second turn, head straight on and turn right, next to the parking in Lufthansa Technik.

Here is an example screenshot from my video. Inbound British Airways Boeing 777 landing into runway 24 for maintenance one or two years ago.

2. If runway 06 opens for landing, or runway 24 for take off.

Basically the same direction, except ignore the Lufthansa Technik parking, and just continue on straight ahead for a long time until you will reach a cross junction. Turn left and you will pass a bar, and a large Radar. Continue straight on until the road finishes.

Here is an example screenshot from my video. You can sometimes catch an Antonov AN-124 if you are lucky. This is why I usually set notifications for this beast.

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Even though it’s closer to me, I’ve never actually spotted at EINN, always went to EIDW. Take as many as you can get @CaptainHugh 👍👍

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Why would we not love to see them. This community is in love with planes!


Thanks! I’ll be sure to look for both

I’ll post if I go so!

Yeah haha, EIDW is a good spotting airport as well, only 40 minutes from me as opposed to 3 hours for Shannon 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴
Actually dreading the drive though.
The M7 is literally the most boring road on earth!!!

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Ye haha, motorways are very boring in general I find, there’s nothing to see. 😂😂

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The M11 isn’t too bad I suppose but the M7… 🥴

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