Plane spotting at EHAM - Very windy!

Today I went plane spotting at runway 09 - 27 (Buitenveldertbaan) at Amsterdam. The planes landed at runway 27. It’s was very windy!


I went plane spotting at EGNM earlier today. All flights were either delayed, diverted or cancelled due to the wind. Nothing took off or landed. The only movements were the vehicles and aircraft pushing back and then taxiing back to the same place.


One plane, a Transavia made a go around, and then landed for the second time.


At EGNM About a week or so ago this happened. BE731 went around several times due to fog. I’ve never seen so many go arounds.


I was flying from and to EHAM in IF today. Since weather in Live is based on real life, it was very windy there as well. Landing a plane was a real challenge.
Hopefully the weather will be better soon.


Needs a longer lens, sharper/clearer and some need to be lessblurry


Maybe it was the wind. Strong enough and you won’t be able to focuse the camera.

@Boeing707 is there any need to criticise him for his photo quality? Do you have a professional long distance telephoto lens plus £000’s of Digital SLR? If so maybe you could post them to him? What a ****

@Snelweg_A15 thankyou for sharing, I appreciated looking at them, its very rare you get to see aircraft close up. Good job keep it up!

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Yes, it is very windy!
I reached Amsterdam yesterday morning for holidays, so windy! :)

We are now in the hotel, going to eat breakfast. Will then see how the weather is outside…it really looks bad haha ^^

I’m telling him how he can improve. If you (or anyone really) chooses to be hyper-sensitive because you can’t take criticism, then I can’t fix that

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But he didn’t ask you for any tips. Not only that you’re comments aren’t constructive they just belittle the camera he used. It’s people like you who’s first instinct is negativity that stops people trying. The guy just likes spotting planes and wanted to share his photos, what’s wrong with that. He doesn’t have to spend thousands so he can take some photos of planes.

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