Plane spotting at EGCC!



BTW - I have a US Airways A330 but its super blurry.

Looks like you caught the Islamabad PIA flight to JFK. That thing has escaped me twice now (Either late or earlt)

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They are old photos, about 2 years old.

It flies Pakistan - UK - JFK?

Nice photos! :) ;)

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Thanks Charlie!

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Great photos😄 I wish I could go spotting but unfortunately my nearest airport is 2 hours away and its Knock (only a few Ryanair and Aer Lingus planes, a few others sometimes but you would have to wait a while) then it’s 3 hours to Dublin airport including traffic, so I don’t have the time, unless I’m going on holiday or on a work trip😄.


Yes the plane will ultimately land in JFK, unless PIA does a service to MAN that does not continue to JFK

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Wow! Didn’t know that!

Just wondering if anyone would like to see 'em again. Back to the top!

I’ll definately be happy to see more. This is the Airport Pub? What camera did you use?

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It’s not the pub, it’s the Aviation Park. I can’t even remember what camera I used, these are old photos.

Thanks man! Means a lot!

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Yes, it does look sharp

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