Plane Spotting at EDDF 26/4/18

I had a decent camera (Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II) with me today at Frankfurt and decided to spend the day up on the observation deck! I caught as many of the flights on 25L and 25C as possible. This was my first time ever really plane spotting. I learned a few good lessons. First was how valuable a better zoom lens would be. I used a 14-150 today, but a 300+ would’ve been ideal. Second thing I learned was to pack a second (or third) battery. I only took still photos and went through a battery within a couple of hours. This proved to be a very costly mistake as a Vietnam Airlines SkyTeam livery A350 pulled up to the gate directly in front of me. As soon as I pressed the shutter, the battery died… Good thing there was a really nice guy nearby who snapped some pictures for me. I re-charged during lunch and went back for round two. I ended up taking around 700 photos. I’ve done my very best to distill my shots down to the ones that I like the most. I hope you enjoy them, too! I’ve not labeled each shot, as this is an aviation community and I’m a bit nervous to title my photos here :D I love aviation, but I’m not nearly as knowledgeable about exact models and variants as many of you are.

There were some great traffic moments today. As a member of IFATC, I was really curious to see such an operation as EDDF up-close. One thing that was interesting to see were heavies doing intersection departures from way down the runway (somewhere around the 1500-2000ft marker). Something else that caught my attention was an A380 that began takeoff roll with an A320 still on the runway, departing. There were at least 5-7 seconds of overlap with both planes on take-off roll. Of course, the A380 was super heavy and by the time he was airborne, there was plenty of separation—it was just interesting to see.

No professional photos here, just amateur, but I sure did enjoy the day! Until I had to pay for parking 😳































Really great shots, you caught some good liveries and look at the Lufthansa CRJ it looks great

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Glad you like them, bro! I really enjoyed spending the day there ;)

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Great shots Mr Burton, you’re truly talented. I expect to see more of these topics with perfect shots from you in the future.

Keep it up!

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Really good shots! Any ideas as to where you’ll spot next.?

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Thank you! Very kind words. Hopefully I’ll get to do it again.

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No idea, bro! Let’s see :) Lots of great airports nearby!

EDDP might be cool with the AN225 and other cargo planes (like DHL lol). KCVG (DHL Hub) is down the road from me and they have a few flights from EDDP every day.

Oh yes :) I know that airport. I’ve actually been able to see the AN225 there before. Such a crazy plane.

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That Historic Condor Livery is from McCarran! I’ve seen it spmetimes

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That was one of my favorite planes to see today. It was being towed just as I stepped out onto the observation deck this morning.

These shots are beautiful! I love the Air Canada pictures the most ;)

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Such a variety of liveries you have there! Great light you caught in the shots.

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Oh crap UA have a 773?

AMAZING snaps btw

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I see what they mean about the new Lufthansa livery appearing black

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I noticed the Iberia CRJ doesn’t have a painted tail. Does anybody have an idea why?
I also can’t wait to see the bird in IF.

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I really like the shot with the old Lufthansa tail and the new Lufthansa tail, also like the Lufthansa and RJ in one shot. Great pics!

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That Vietnam Airlines A350-900 in the SkyTeam livery is simply beautiful! Nice shots. :)


Realy realy nice photos, beautiful!!😊 thanks i real enjoyed…

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Great shots you’ve got there Nathan. I particularly love the Finnair A321, the two Lufthansa tails and the retro Condor livery on that 767. Man, the A350 looks good in the Skyteam livery :D

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