Plane Spotting at Dublin Airport

So I got a camera for Christmas. And I’ve been trying to get used to it and testing it out over the break. I’m starting to get the hang of it (I think) but I would like to see what you think of my photos and what I could improve on

Luckily when I arrived I was just in time for Aer Lingus’ A330-300

Next up is an Emirates B777

That was all on Friday the 3rd. Fast forward to Sunday the 5th

First up is a SAS A320NEO. My first time seeing this at Dublin

And last but not least. A Flybe Dash 8 Q400


Nice photos @Sean_McCormack!

What camera and lens did you use! Even tho, nice times photos, lucky the A330 was there! ;)


Thanks! My camera has a 135mm lens. Not bad for starting off

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Very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing, love the Aer Lingus A330 and also great to see SAS new livery on the A320Neo!

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Yes definitely! Thank you!!

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They are definitely amazing photos! Isn’t that an A320neo too? Love those big engines and shades around the cockpit windows. Really suits the new SAS livery too.

The SAS one (SE-ROI)? Yes, it’s an A320Neo:

Screenshot from Flightradar24

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Not bad at all, couldn’t hurt to edit a little though :)

Pretty neat shots! Your beginning right?

Great photos here! And especially the Flybe Dash-8, it’s awesome!

I’m beginning with a camera yes

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What kind of edits would you suggest?

Brilliant photos and camera skills here good job 👍

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Thank you 🙏🙏

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Brilliant photos Sean!

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Amazing pictures @Sean_McCormack love the SAS touching down picture. Looking forward to seen more 👌

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If you go around the other side of 28 near the 10 threshold on the R108 Naul road, there’s a divine Planespotting place. Best action and photos! Best time to go is around 10AM. Nice pics !

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My goodness those are some stunning pictures! Probably my first time seeing a Dublin Airport spotting topic on the IFC. I had a trip to Dublin last Saturday but unfortunately it didn’t turn out as planned.

What model is your camera? Those are some stunning pictures! My favourites are: Aer Lingus A330 (Second Picture), Emirates Boeing 777 and of course my most favourite…

Keep it up! My home airport: Shannon also has pretty interesting arrivals sometimes like every weekend we receive Kalitta Boeing 747’s and sometimes the Antonov AN-124 you might take a look here too.

I hope you had a great day. ☘️


These are quite nice. Good work! Looking forward to improvements and more spotting topics :)

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Yes I know of this area. I like the mound more though as you have a great view of the gates.