Plane Spotting at CYOW (Ottawa) on 05/27/18

Plane spotting from Ottawa International 05/27/18

These photos are all taken by me at Ottawa from the Terminal

WestJet Encore Q-400

Air Canada CRJ-900

Air Canada A320

Air Canada A320 and Porter Airlines Q-400

Air Inuit 737

Some 787 DreamLiner in a livery I don’t know

Air Canada Q-400

Air Canada CRJ-900 (My ride to Nova Scotia)

Delta CRJ-900

Delta and Air Canada

That’s all for now!!

I’ll take more pictures soon in Ottawa, and Halifax.


Ahh, I see you found a “Jurassic” 737!
Nice catch, those 737-200s are really rare now!


You appear to have caught a UAE government plane. I have no idea why they were in Canada, but that’s a pretty rare spot judging by the fact that they only have 2 787s and 7 planes overall.


I was going to say, that is a really tiny 737… looks so strange compared to today’s larger 737-800s and -900s!

That 787 is is used for the government of Dubai.

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Very nice! I live in Ottawa so this is very cool.

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