Plane Spotting at Bandung (BDO/WICC) (HSN) Rare Moment Edition

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It’s been a long time i didn’t uploaded of aviation photos in this forum. And on this occasion, I uploaded some of aviation photos and the photos I took were in two different places. The first is near runway 29, and more precisely above the warehouse and the second I take aircraft photos near runway 11.

And in this post. I uploaded a few photos of planes that rarely visited WICC Airport or even only occasionally, and were considered a rare moment. I hope you like it, and have a nice day!

Camera 📷 : Nikon Coolpix L830 (Prosumer)
Here are is my spotting pictures, and i hope you like it. And have a nice day😃😉🙏

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Military Airport code : HSN

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At Runway 29

This is the first time, i saw that aircraft. Before doing a dirgantara flight with N219 PK-XDT
Indonesia - Air Force | Grob G120TP | LD-1229 | BDO/WICC (HSN)

This aircraft is made in Indonesia. X-Ray Delta Tango moving towards to runway 29 before test flight over Sukabumi area
Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) | Nusantara N219 | Nurtanio | PK-XDT | BDO/WICC (HSN)

The 2nd of N219 prototype after PK-XDT
Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) | Nusantara N219 | PK-XDP | BDO/WICC (HSN)

AX-2301 entering runway 29 before doing a long taxiing
Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) | Nusantara CN235-220 | AX-2301 | BDO/WICC (HSN)

Bandung Pilot Academy (BPA) | Tecnam P2006T | PK-IUL | 2x ROTAX 912 S3 | BDO/WICC (HSN)

Runway 11

Alpha Zero Zero One safety landed at WICC after doing a short flight from WIHH
Indonesia Government | Boeing 737-8U3(BBJ2) | A-001(N454BJ) | 2x CFMI CFM56-7B27E | 8.1 Years | VVIP | MSN : 41706 | Line Number : 3902 | 8A0002 | Skadron Udara 17 | BDO/WICC (HSN)

Special guest in BDO, at that time
Oberln Aviation Service PTY LTD | Private Owner | IAI 1124 Westwind II | VH-ZYH | 7C81F7 | Type Code : WW24 | BDO/WICC (HSN)

Morning departure…
Bandung Pilot Academy (BPA) | Cessna 172s Skyhawk SP | PK-IUC | BDO/WICC (HSN)

Touchdown via runway one one
Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) | Boeing 737-2X9 (A) Surveilance | AI-7301 | 2x Pratt and Whitney JT8D-17A | 37.8 Years | 21 April 1982 | 8A0328 | MSN : 22777 | 868 | Skadron Udara 5 | Camar 01 | BDO/WICC (HSN)

Chopper zero four
Chopper VVIP
The presidential chopper when doing a test flight at WICC.
Indonesia Government (Indonesian Air Force) | Eurocopter AS 332L Super Puma | H-3204 | Skadron Udara 45 | BDO/WICC (HSN)


These are really superb shots! I love the colors on all of them. Fantastic work! Looking forward to more. :)

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Great job! Live the 737!!!

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Thank you very much @MrMrMan appreciate it! :)

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Thank you so much! I also really like it, especially the B737 classic, because it’s very rare to see it now. And also, the sound was very loud on the engine part. So that it can make the ear feel disturbed when the plane will take off or landing

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