Plane spotting at Bahrain intl airport

Hi everyone, on the 14/11/21 I got a quick opportunity to plane spot of Bahrain airport, it was spectacular planespotting there! Anyways let’s start our journey of planespotting today😄👍

First, this Fly Dubai 737-800 getting ready to fly back to Dubai

Then the aircraft pushes back from its gate

Then an Air-Arabia A320 which just landed from Sharjah, was just getting ready to park

Then this beautiful Gulf air A320-Neo starting up and getting ready for its flight

Meanwhile this Emirates B777-300Er had just landed from Dubai 🛬Processing: CE144822-6BC6-4C90-9F19-B69E21B68EF2.jpeg…
The same aircraft taxing to its gate

And last but least the Air-Arabia A320 boarding and getting ready for its scheduled flight back to Sharjah
I hope you guys enjoyed this Planespotting review at Bahrain new airport terminal,It was an amazing experience and the airport itself was amazing!! ✈️🌍🛬🛫


Nice! I’ve only been to Bahrain once back in 2018 but they had not built the brand new terminal then and was on a BA 777-200 - would be a 787 had I gone today! Gulf Air are a seriously underrated Gulf carrier and have a great evolving fleet :)

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