Plane spotting advice

Hey guys, any advice on what camera or binoculars i can get below £100 as im on a budget and all i have is an iphone 12, i am in england so british currency would be ideal :) many thanks in advance!!

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With a budget under £100, I can’t say you have too many options. The camera I first used when spotting was a Canon Rebel XSI which is as low as £90 depending on if it’s used or not. But you’d still need a lens which would cost over your budget. I would try and save a bit more before advancing in purchasing a good camera.


I would personally recommend the canon powershot sx. It has good zoom and is cheaper but unfortunately that means its older. It also may be a little over budget.

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okay nevermind, what about binoculars for planes at above FL300

okay nevermind, what about binoculars ? :)

This seems promising:

It also includes British prices.

Planespotting is an expensive hobby, sorry about that it took me long before I could let my creativity work freely

Ypu are Amazing, thanks so much, also which ones do you reccomend for long dostance??

The ones on the site suitable for long distance are:

Celestron SkyMaster 25x70 Binoculars (£80)

Nikon Action EX 16x50 CF Binoculars (£180)

The top one suits your budget.

how far in km can i see, as EGLL is 40km away and with my eyes only i can SOMETIMES see a faint plane (only of its a big aircraft)

I don’t know. Research it on Google. Got those Binoculars off @MxP site. Know nothing about them.

Same, looking for something like this. Any cameras under $100, $150 max would help.

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