Plane spotting a LAX today (Casual Server)

So I went plane spotting at LAX today and got some awesome pictures and thought I would share them with everybody

So I saw an Airbus a380, Airforce 1, a shuttle carrier, and an F-22


That is definitely the Casual server :)


I was thinking more like the second picture but yeah

Yeah that’s what I meant the second one

What do you think about the F-22

Very nice pictures! I would’ve gone on the Casual Server today, but I had to do a flight from KSAN on Expert.

Thanks for sharing them!

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Oh thank you. But wait you had to do that flight

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Nice shots, that’s a vertical takeoff there… Thanks for sharing!

Please add the required information (server time and route (as far as applicable)) though.

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What the Bravo 6 Actual is that Delta B763 doing in image No. 2?

Haha. Great shots. I see we have a Delta 767 going space shuttle status in the second one.

Yeah 😂 I didn’t see that when I was taking the screenshot

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@JulianB but I was in the free camera view there was no route

you can still give some information for each photo :)

Oh ok but how do I do that

Hey dose anybody want to go plane spotting with me

I love the second picture with the 767 casually going space shuttle status… 😂

Just amazing…

Welcome to IF Casual… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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you could a give a small caption for each photo :)

Therefore I wrote “as far as applicable”. Just fill out the required information as far as possible.

How do you all take screenshots without the UI being present on a server?

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You can use the replay feature, crop them out, or turn of airplane names and boxes from the settings!