Plane Spotting a beautiful evening at pensacola (KPNS)

Today I went to go plane spotting at KPNS today and here are my best shots

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I’m sorry I’m going to change the poll to single hold on

There we go

Sorry I’m editing a lot I’m new to these topics

What Equipment did you use

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My phone lol 😂

I’m surprised that these came out pretty good

Tough airport to spot at, which is a shame given how diverse the regular selection of aircraft is.

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I know its usually just delta,united,and southwest are the most common airlines that fly there

Silver Airways was always a fun one to catch with their Saab aircraft.

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That columbia 400 is beautiful! Amazing shots!

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Thank you!

Yea I have seen it a couple of times spotting but mostly at destin

I got a good shot of it up close

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The second most beautiful GA plane 🤩

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Yea its a pretty nice plane

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