plane spotters who throw stone on a taxiway made an apology

i can’t believe this, when we thought we are done with people pointing lasers at Aircrafts and people flying drones in aircrafts airspace, now we have this…

you can be all around good person and then ruin everything in one big mistake, i hope they learned their lesson and perhaps can be an example for others,.


While it’s great that nobody was injured, I’m not sure an apology would’ve worked if someone did. Pilots, ground workers and pretty much everybody in the aviation industry knows how much damage FOD can do to an aircraft. A rock could’ve been sucked into the engine and that would be too costly to replace. I’m pretty sure none of these kids are expert mechanics or have a large amount of money lying around. I understand that humans can do bad things, but this is just unacceptable. Not to say they are 5, but all of them are teenagers. They should know what a rock can do to a plane! I’m not saying they deserve jail time, but some punishment has to be in order.

Also, they could’ve ruined the already delicate bond between airports and spotters. Airports have cracked down on their rules, and after 9/11, we are even lucky to be able to point anything at a moving aircraft. This is just shameful, and a complete embarrassment to spotting.


This caused a huge stir up on social media and the police were informed. As plane spotters they should have used a little bit of common sense really as they are able I’m sure of figuring out the dangers of what they did. They got what they deserved.


It’s a little sad to hear this, it’s very nice that some airports give plane spotters a little area to watch planes and for someone to do this could’ve had a dangerous result, but I am glad the person realized his mistakes and owned up to it :)

I watched the video when he was throwing rocks into the taxiway, and like many people I was disappointed. Wouldn’t be surprised if the airport authorities will increase even more their security around the perimeter, preventing further spotting activity. He should have been fined at least (if he wasn’t).

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I might sound stupid for saying thing, but aren’t there rocks and stuff out there already? Like I know they go around and pick up stuff they see, but I find it hard to believe that some rocks, and other small stuff like that don’t slip by especially being on cement…

Not that it justifies his actions, but I kinda doubt it would have done much…

They’re extremely careful of FOD since it can kill.


I mean they are, and I’m really not trying to argue or sound ignorant, but I just find it hard to believe that they can remove every small rock from an airport…

It’s all fun and games until… AESA referring to these acts.


there is Maintenance department for Taxiways and Runways.

What made him think this was a good idea? You’d think he’d know better. Obviously not. Very immature and dangerous. At least he admitted his mistakes and apologized.

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