Plane spotters on IF

I was just wondering is there plane spotters on IF it is something I always was interested about😊😊

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Yes a lot of people do hang around at airports and do some spotting - even I do it sometimes.

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That’s sooo cool because I follow infinite flights accounts on instgram and see these amazing realism pics that’s soo cool

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Beginner level spotter here. I’m often at DCA or BWI with a Canon T7.

Often what I do is if I am done with my short/medium hauls for the day - I will sit at a gate at the main hub and do some spotting.

Ohhhh wow how do u usually spot

IF not IRL mate.

Ohhhh nice do you also take pictures of aircraft .

No I don’t - I should do though :)

You should can make a great pictures😊

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