Plane speed issues

At the moment i am flying an a330 neo and my gas is at 101 precent and i am telling my plane to go above mach 1 lol and it wont go past 250 sum knots, idk how to fix it, during the climb it was ok but now its waaayy to slow…can anybody help?

The A330 is not designed to go above mach 1.

Mach 0.82 is more within its comfort range.


Well, good luck. It’s a heavy widebody, not Concorde. Mach 1 just isn’t going to happen unfortunately. It’d be like trying to get a heavy truck to drive as fast as an F1 car, just won’t happen.

I think you mean 250kts seems like it is going too slow as you are having some fun trying to push unrealistically past the speed of sound?

250kts is indicated airspeed (IAS). IAS is “pressure speed” (it’s how strongly the aircraft feels the relative wind, not how fast the relative wind is actually travelling). So IAS drops in relation to TAS (true air speed) as you go higher because air thins as you go higher.

Mach is a measure of TAS.

So IAS can be down at 250kts even though you are going past the speed of sound according to TAS.

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