Plane slightly turning left/right just after takeoff due to winds


This “problem” is happening every time I’m taking-off when there is more than 10kts of wind.
Just after the rotation, my plane (either B787 or A380) is deflecting to the left or to the right (depending from where the wind is coming).

To avoid this, I’m trying to use the Rudder but it’s even worst as it’s leading to rough movements.

For take-off, my Flaps configuration is the following:
5 (when flying B787)
1+F. (when flying A380)

Thanks! :)

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It is best to know where the winds are coming from before taking off so you know what adjustments you will need to make

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Just gently use your rudder before speeding up to keep yourself aligned with the centerline :)


I’m wondering if this could be due to your rotation and take off speed. Does it happen immediately after you take off, or during the takeoff run itself? 10knts shouldn’t influence the plane too much.

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Nope, it’s jsut how the winds affect the aircraft in IF.

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Have you removed auto-coordination?

Take a look at this photo.


So in this case, your arrow is pointing left. That means the wind is hitting the right side of your aircraft. Depending on how strong the winds are determines how much rudder you use. If the winds are stronger, you want to use a little more rudder.

Okay, so here’s what you do. In this case, the wind is hitting the tail of your aircraft on the right side, meaning that your nose will turn to the right. To counteract this, use left rudder. Keep your finger on the rudder as you approach your rotation speed, and adjust it as you need. Once you liftoff, let go of the rudder and turn into the wind slightly to maintain runway heading.

NOTE: Any type of crosswind will always hit the tail of your aircraft.

Hope this helps. :)