Plane sliding on touchdown

This issue caused me a few seconds ago to get a violation because when I touched down using the B787-10 at a speed of 165 knots. The plane went into the grass beside the runway at EGLL and even my rudder couldn’t stop it. Due to this, I tried slowing down and before I could, I earned myself a ground speed violation. Any tips on how to prevent this?

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For starters, 165kts is too fast for landing, then you should take the winds speed and direction into consideration , was it tailwind or headwind ?

and when you see your aircraft not centered on the runway you should go-around if you find it dangerous to continue your landing.

If there was severe turbulence or strong crosswinds necessitating a flap 25 landing it could be possible.

Were there any crosswinds or did you touch down left or right of the centreline?

ATC on Expert Server assigned me to land on that specific runway 27L at EGLL, therefore I was unable to avoid the winds by changing runways.

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Was the rudder working at all? Like were you able to move it left or right on touchdown? Also, did you calibrate your device before landing?

I had tailwinds, I forget how much of it though. I was just following the Air Traffic Controllers orders. Wind was unavoidable I had flaps full and as I got closer the to runway I set throttle to 0% which put me around 154 once I touched on the center line.

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That is the other thing, tailwinds increase your speed, so you should’ve been at a lower IAS, I would say around 149 KTS.

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nope, no way with 165kts you can land a plane safely and he said it was tailwinds so its nearly impossible

Thanks! Would IAS 149 happen to be the ideal landing speed in the B787-10?

Well, it is more suitable for landing, you don’t really need high IAS unless you have severe wind by either crosswind or headwind. The other thing you should take into account is weight, if you are light, lower airspeed is better, if you are a little heavy, higher airspeed is better, and when I say higher I mean in the upper 140’s lower 150’s

I was heavy, which is why I decided to land around 154-160 knots.

If you are light, 145 is enough but up to 153 or 155 is needed if you are heavy. This is for zero winds.

I had flaps full, speed 154-160 knots due to being heavy and had tailwinds. ATC also had me do a tight turn onto base for 27L which made my approach a little harder.

What was your route, were you heavy the entire time, and when you were setting up the flight, was the W&B (Weight and Balance) in the red?

W&B was orange. I was doing touch and goes with ATC on Expert Server for the first time. Started at EGLL, then after I climbed to 3,000 ft I was instructed to fly the pattern and on the 1st touch and go landing thats when it happened. I also was on center line when taking off and noticed that my rudder wasn’t helping me stay on the center line and when I rotated the plane also shifted left off course a little.

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