Plane sliding off runway during takeoff

I was flying out of EGBB and I was taking off, but when I rotated, my plane (CRJ 700) started to slide off the runway. I have watched the takeoff toutorial on YouTube and followed all the instructions (weight,trim,flaps,speed etc…) can any explain why this is happening and how I can solve it. I am also aware that there is already a topic on this issue but it didn’t help at all. Thanks in advance 😊

Chances are you had a cross wind and needed to apply some rudder. That should have been talked about in various tutorials.


Have you used your rudder at all?

Crosswinds are the main culprit.

In this situation, the thing I usually do is to slightly deflect the aileron towards the side the wind is coming from. Rudder input can be used until you are roughly 200FT AGL.

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I guess I can close this since the last 6 deleted replies were some sort of variant of “Use trim”.

Moral of the story is please don’t reply with the same thing that has been said over and over already.