Plane slides to the left on take off

Hi everyone,

I’m facing an issue with the plane sliding to the left when taking off and I don’t understand what’s wrong, I’ve turned off Auto Coordination but no results. Please see the video below

You’ve got a 17kt cross-tailwind which is causing it.

  1. You shouldn’t even be taking off with a tailwind.

I’ve linked some tutorials below:


If you see the numbers at the end of the runway red means not advised, yellow caution, and green means good to go. Also 17 knots if not properly prepared for can be a lot for the aircraft as Benny as already told you and a tailwind of that amount should be avoided.


As my friends mentioned earlier, you were attempting to take off from a runway with a tailwind. It’s a fundamental principle in general aviation that aircraft should ideally take off and land into a headwind. This is because a headwind significantly aids in generating lift during takeoff and reduces the groundspeed required for landing, enhancing control and safety.

However, using runways with tailwinds is not prohibited; it’s simply a suggestion to assist you in making the best runway selection.

The optimal approach would be to review the instructional videos shared by @BennyBoy_Alpha , as they can provide valuable guidance for handling such situations.

Sending positive vibes your way!