Plane slides on take off

Device: iPhone 11 Pro
Operating system: 15.4.1

Hi everyone,

Every time I take off with any plane, when I pull the Yoke to lift the plane up, it slides to the right most of the times even if there’s low wind 💨

I don’t understand what I am doing wrong to be honest…
Any help will be much appreciated.

Are you using the rudder to assist with takeoffs?

Usually the way to combat a skid while on takeoff is by counter-acting it with the rudder.


I am not using rudder because it shouldn’t slide when there’s very low wind. Btw, I’m not using Trim at all, would it help me on take off? (Trim)

Obviously the lower the wind speed the less the effect, but even slight wind can have a noticeable impact, especially if you are flying smaller or lighter aircraft.

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Do you have “Auto-Coordination” enabled by any chance?

It’s in Settings → General and it’s the 10th option

This allows steering on the ground when moving your yoke and could possibly be the reason for your plane sliding.

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Trim helps with the nose pitch.

Winds can cause an impact on control of the aircraft usually causing small to large skids on the ground.

Even the slightest amount of wind will cause skidding.

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Yes, it was on.

You are a star! Thank you.

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Thanks to everyone! Looks like even a 8kts will have an impact on this, but now it works perfect.

Thanks again!


Enjoy those skiddless takeoffs 😉

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Just as a heads up, aircraft, even if in calm wind, “slide”. Pilots in real life are always using the rudder with or without wind.

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