Plane sinks after landing

Hello everyone. This is the third time that this annoying bug happened to me, so i decided to report it. Basically what happens is that the plane sinks uncontrollably into the ground just after landing. I use a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. And no, i cant reproduce it.

Your terrain might be corrupted. A reinstall of IF should fix it.

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This is either something to do with the airport, or a corrupt terrain file. If it’s a corrupt file, a simple re-install will fix it. Hope this helps, Thanks for contacting support!


Ok, i will try it. Thanks.

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i have same problem coused by weak (slow) internet connection. It needs some time for airport to be downloaded.

I experienced the same problem, uninstalling and reinstalling the app didn’t work. I restarted my phone and I didn’t fall through anymore.

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When this happens to me a simple game restart is enough, for me it also happend a few times after spwaning. And yes i can confirm its very anoying/sad when this happens after a long flight

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Like I said, all it takes is a simple re-install. please read above posts before writing one stating the exact same thing.

do you mean me ? because i did not state the same thing i did read all posts, i just wanted to share that restarting not reinstalling is enough for me when this happens on landing or after spawning

Re-installing the app may not fix it. FDS does not own the geographic data. The source could be corrupted, therefore the same corrupted files would be streamed to the phone. That would produce the same problem.

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I have this sometimes when I use the 747, except it happens as soon as I spawn.