Plane sinking thru runway

Having an issue with the planes sinking into the runway when landing. Can anyone help please? FYI already Tried clearing cache…

This is a known issue, thanks for pointing it out.

So just deal with it for now? Sounds good

Yea, nothing really can be done until a fix is pushed to devices

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Hey! Are you talking about your own plane going through the runway while landing or are you talking about other planes on the live servers?

While on live

Is it a known issue? This is the first I’ve seen or heard of it


I swear I’ve seen topics on this before.

@Maverick this is on live servers so it is happening to other players. Could you specify “sinking through runway”

Is it like they disappear under it, or is it when they land they sink into the ground and then comeback up?

If it’s in regards to other aircraft online sinking into the ground a bit during replay/ live then yes it’s been mentioned before, but as the OP wasn’t very clear on whether the issue was regarding his own aircraft or others…

Probably safest to refrain from using the generic “it’s a known issue” unless we are 100% sure, as it’s becoming increasingly common that actually, it isn’t a known issue.


I’ll take a screen shot. And send it to you. It looks like the entire plane is in quick sand

I know what he’s taking about it happens to me especially when I’m controlling. The plane will go like about half way in the ground and then rose back up once it slows down

Yes @Kyle7223 nailed it

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It is annoying, especially when you expect a smooth landing and gear sinks into runway. this issue was first reported in 21.1 open beta.


This actually happened to me aswell at TNCM, happened exactly like what has been described above,

This happens everywhere that I’ve been controlling at but with smaller planes like the TBM only the landing gear sink down

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