Plane shaking too much!

I was going from Sydney to London but just at cruise altitude my a350 started shaking too much when the wind velocity was 112kts which was a lot at 29000ft MSL. What was the reason this was happening???

At a guess, you might be encountering some heavy turbulence. It’s not uncommon to experience some form of turbulence with extremely strong winds.


Depending on where you are in the Pacific, you probably like @LordWizrak said, we’re just encountering some tough turbulence, gusts, or just flat out winds. After all, we are riding on air when we fly! We just don’t realize it until it starts to poke at us. :)


I was above Sydney that time just after takeoff I experienced issues

But why was the turbulence so high???

Turbulence can occur at any altitude.


In the weather tab it was showing turbulence is light but the wind knot is 112 kts at such a low altitude!!!

Check for handy wind information.

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Here’s a screenshot of that rough region right now.


I did check but nothing was wrong I think it was some problem with infinite flight as my GS was low compared to other planes which were close to me and almost at the same altitude as me

Have you checked that your set altitude in windy was corresponding to your inflight altitude?

In my screenshot, the slider on the right adjusts the altitude you check. In my case, I looked at FL300 the closest FL to your altitude.

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Yes I did check

I am not sure of the exact reasoning, since I am not Mother Nature. However, I do know as someone living on a coastal state, the North Atlantic winds are very strong, and I am assuming the Aussie ones are as well.

Coastal winds are not uncommon, and they sure don’t just end at the middle of the ocean. When you encounter winds such as these, you can:

  • Climb/descend to a less turbulent or affected altitude.

  • Adjust speed accordingly to combat winds (sometimes slow speed can make you more susceptible to winds and vice versa)

  • This one is a bit extreme, and especially if you are trying to be realistic. You can alter your flight plan to deviate from the weather cells - Infinite Flight does not have live weather information on the map in-sim yet so you would need to source 3rd party.

Those are the top three I can recall, and if you want to be very realistic two. Sometimes you also just have to turn on the Seatbelt Sign and ride it out which is completely fine and is done in real life as well. In the end, it really comes down to preference. However, I doubt Infinite Flight is spontaneously creating these winds, since they do source 3rd party for these features. :)

Winds are at every altitude, and typically higher, and stronger the higher the altitude. In this case, as some other users have shown, the winds are just very high right now, and that means they might be more than average at lower altitudes, which makes them pretty unavoidable.


Yeah I did turn on seat belt sign my passengers were screaming

What’s the solution to that?..

There is no solution to this. Turbulence in this area is simply inevitable when flying through the region. Fly through it and hope for calmer skies further into the flight.

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If you real closely, I just mentioned them.

Of course there is no way of getting rid of the winds, unless you went into Solo Mode and altered the weather to custom settings. If you are looking to remove the weather you must exit the live servers and move into Solo Mode where you can edit them. Besides that, the winds are not going anywhere, just as they would not in real life. ;)

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Hmm I see I guess next time I will cruise to lower altitude… thankyou everyone for your help.

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