Plane selection dropbox

I do not know what to call this or if anyone has thought of it, (forgive me if this is a copy) but I had an idea to keep the plane selection even more tidy. Example of my idea, there are 4 variants of the 737 in IF right now, 700BBJ, 700, 800, and 900. If we had a dropbox for all of those under “737 series” It could keep it nice and tidy. This may not be needed in the current state of IF, but as IF grows, the list could be very long, and it could be nice to have this.

I think it’s fine the way it is. Also, if you really want this, you should vote for your own topic.


I don’t think this is needed because all the 737s are right next to each other as well as all the 777s and 787s etc. It shouldn’t be hard to scroll a little extra to choose your plane :)


I can see why. I was just thinking about when IF would add the A330-200, and though it would look weird to have to a330s so I though of the dropbox, I don’t know what I was thinking🤣

Here is my opinion, right now what Infinite Flight has is okay. That being said, I think as time goes on and more aircraft variants are added (EX: A350, 757, 767, A330 families) it could start to be a long list. This could definitely be helpful in the future but not now. Once again just my opinion…

I was just thinking about that, I was just going to edit the post to say that.