Plane Seating Configuration

Airbus is now officcial a horrible companyfat seat of Airbus

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It’s actually up to the airline, not the manufacturer.

Oh but isnt it a bad idea?

What airlines are doing it


What is horrible about this? This is a great option, have you ever sit next to a person on a 10+'hour flight who is occupying half of your seat?

People will pay extra, and maybe they can get a waiver if it is due to medical reasons, but these seats will also be available for the other travelers who wants some extra leg space/seat space.

You right. In the old days people at the airline desk had to force people to buy two seats next to each other if they thought the person needed more room which was horrible not only for the people who had to buy two seats but for the people at the airline desk as well (imagine having to tell someone they need two seats because they are too big) This will solve this problem to a certain extent

But now i would get a 16 inch seat

Some yes, sometimes it can be a medical issue as well. Remember this is an Flight Simulator game no need to attack other people.

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