Plane Seating Classes

International aviation day being fresh in our minds and my recent member trust level upgrade have made me decide talk about a very interesting part of aviation and aviation progression. The airplane seating classes.

This video by WendoverProductions gives a great overview of how seating classes came to be, and how they work today, along with how this system may not stick around much longer.

After watching I would love to know; what do you think about airplane seating classes? Do you think airlines should keep them, should they have never been created to start, are they too expensive? Please discuss below!


To start off, Wendover Productions is an amazing channel, any aviation enthusiast should definetely subscribe. (He talks about aviation a lot)

I think that there should be a minimum seat pitch in economy. Congress tried to pass something like this a few years back but it was voted down unfortunately.

Airlines today are shrinking pitch in economy seats, not just to fit more economy seats, but to add biz/first seating.

I personally don’t think airfare is that expensive. I find it very interesting you can fly NYC-LAX for $400 and NYC-SIN (Singapore 1-stop) for $450.

When Wendover mentioned the trend of removing first class and keeping business class, that is definitely only for twin-aisle aircraft. US carriers will always have domestic First (recliner seat), and some have enhanced the experience on transcon routes like JFK-LAX by adding lie-flat beds.


I love Wendover’s channel too! He really does a great job

Seeing as airlines are going to keep squeezing those seats together I would agree I would like to see a minimum of some sort for seat pitch as it might become a problem.

As for airfare, I would agree I don’t think you are very hard pressed to find a price that matches your budget, but I do think that if airlines experimented a bit more with business class prices they might be able to get more people to fill up those seats.

Finally, yes most aircraft that have them now will stick with first class. Although I do promote the growth of business class as long as they can negotiate a slightly lower price.

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In recent years airlines have introduced very nice premium economy products. I flew in BA’s premium economy from LHR-EWR which was amazing. (38 inch legroom) Upgraded amenities include but are not limited to proper silverware and plating, pre-departure drink, generous recline, upgraded amenities kit, etc. There was also a second smaller meal which isn’t given in regular economy. For £229 ($300) (one way) it was worth the money.

I normally fly in the exit row on domestic flights over 2 hours. I’m 6’2 so the 38 inches of legroom was great.

Mostly Empty Flight

Chicken Wrap and Crisps

Lol just realized this basically turned into a flight review, but the price point was definitely worth it compared to business (BA’s Club World) which would have costed over $1000 to upgrade one way.

Here is the original topic to see more of people’s opinions on the video.

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