Plane runs over mans foot @ Gatwick.

Hope the guy is Ok.


Certainly something you don’t see everyday…

Hope his foot is intact and has not been crushed 😂


He was airlifted to hospital, so unfortunately it doesn’t really sound minor. Hope they make a full recovery

Bit more than just a broken toe I think. Not good.

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Yep, that’s gotta hurt!

I though accidently crushing your foot underneath a chair hurt. 😯


I do wonder how this managed to happen though. Hope the guy recovers

Yeah. It’s not like you can’t see it. 🤔

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His foot got crushed by a PLANE…a Plane which is extremely heavy. Get this, if a car runs over your foot you may have at least 1 broken or fractured bone. Now use this info but change the car into a heave A320 family plane…I’ll let you use your imagination for this one.


How in the world did that happen?

Well: Thank you Russia.


I can’t even begin to imagine the pain! Imagine just having a car go over your foot, that would hurt enough, but to have a plane go over your foot which is many times bigger and heavier, that would hurt so much more.

Surely a broken bone or two.

Imagine the chaos when it happened, at least they reacted quickly and he was taken to hospital via a helicopter.

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Ahaha, the article was quick to establish that the aircraft was a “Russian Aircraft” very early on


“Waiting for extra plane parts as plane is not operational now” - hope there weren’t any nervous flyers on there…

Gee @RAH that’s next level stuff… savage. Bye bye foot that’s for sure.


You just had to tag me in this didn’t you - hopefully he recovers, but it didn’t look good that’s for sure

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Was he doing the pushback?

I don’t really have the details but just based on experience, the ‘likely’ scenario is that the guy was disconnecting the tow-bar of the aircraft and perhaps due to a language barrier with the pilots, the parking brake wasn’t set, thus the aircraft would have rolled forward as soon as the tow bar was lifted and straight over his foot/leg. (Disclaimer: this is not a confirmed fact, purely an opinion based on where the aircraft was, and who would be feasibly close enough to the nose gear for this to happen)


My question is how was his foot trapped under the aircraft if they were taxing to the runway. The plane should of just ran over his foot and kept going i dout they would feel that.

Sounds like an understatement to me