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I usually make my own plane routes, but I observed that professionals use plane routes generated by a website. I tried and it does give me a route but it doesn’t direct me onto a runway. Does the website expect me to contact approach?(not saying this in a harsh way, just saying that not all airports have live approach ATC’s). If there is any other website that gives me a good route, directing me onto a runway of my choosing, pls lmk. If I am being clueless, pls let me know. (This may be a dumb question and u may be facepalming right now). Another thing is fuel planning. I use and does it support a longer route. Does it say how much fuel is required to go straight there? For example, omdb to klax may take x amount of fuel (from fuelplanner), but is that for crossing the atlantic or going over the Ik and through Greenland? I am on 20k X-Plane and I should know this, but treat me as a noob and pls explain this

Thx and all replies are appreciated

Flight planners don’t exactly direct you to a runway. You’ll need to plan that yourself using STARs. tells you how much fuel you need for the flight.

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Hey, and welcome to the community @IbiPlays!

The website above is a good website that many, including me use. The reason that it only gives you the airport as the waypoint instead of the approach is because these things can be affected by wind, ATC instructions, and traffic. You are expected to always tune in to a ATC Comm when, and if available as they are able to safely guide your aircraft to the airport. While you’re descending, always have your altitude set to about 3000-10000 ft depending on the arriving airport, so that you are able to save some altitude for the approach and lining up with the runway.

The websites only give you a brief estimate of the fuel needed. These are no where near accurate. You should always pack at least an hour of extra fuel needed when flying, because wind can greatly affect your fuel burn when flying.

Hope this helped, looking forward to seeing you in the skies!

If I understood correctly, you’re playing X-plane? This is an Infinite flight forum, X-plane has their own community if I am not wrong 🙂

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Use for flight planning and input the flight plan generated on Simbrief into following the instructions there. It will be easier for you to read and give you a flight plan compatible with Infinite Flight.

On FPLtoIF be sure to select Simbrief (Classic) if you are using the Simbrief website.

Sorry, I didn’t mean X-Plane. I meant infinite flight. Idk why I said that

Thanks for the responses!

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