Plane rocking

hi earlier i was in a A350 and at some point i was at FL390 and the plane started rocking is there any advice to stop this from happening?

It could be because of your load when flying. Do you know what your load was? I would recommend to maybe start off at a lower altitude and then step climb


Hi! As @MJP_27 asked what exactly is your load like?

Ideally the A350 should be up at 390 at about a 50-60% load.

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yea i had 80% of load i wasn’t being careful enough when i was putting the fuel

Yes exactly. For that kind of load I’ll say step climbing is the best way to get to 390. And also if you’re doing a medium ish haul, I’ll recommended maybe not being that heavy.

So for example if you’re flying due East at 80 percent load, I’ll recommended between FL330 and FL350. Then you can take it to 370, 390 as you lose weight.

Hope that helps!


Alright i’ll take that into consideration thanks a lot and yea i was flying from Atlanta to Amsterdam so around medium ish

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Not a problem 😊

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