Plane rocking up and down

why is my plane rocking up and down on takeoff and landing?

This could be caused by wind/turbulence, or sensitivity settings being really sensitive to small movements of your device.

You could be going to fast or to slow

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Also true!

na i literally took out autopilot and it went up and down and stalled on takeoff and landing it’s never done that before

Then your too heavy for your speed

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What aircraft? Usually for bigger jets, aim for 160-140 kts for landing.

how i was only doing 130kts and had 45 minutes left of fuel

airbus a320

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What was your flaps at?

2 or 3 i think

Sounds like a calibration issue to me. Make sure you calibrate prior to disengaging AP

i done that three times it done it on takeoff stalled and rolled

Before landing make sure you are below MLW like @BritishPilot mentioned. and try to maintain a good speed optimal for your aircrafts landing.

You can find this useful for finding that information.


how do i know if i’m heavy or not is it when you put the fuel in and it’s green orange or red?

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Plane Load

Yes red is heavy

yeah i thought so but i was no where near heavy on landing

I recommend you to look at the user guide and infinite flight YouTube channel for tutorials

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Orange means you are greater than your MLW and red mean your greater than your MTOW. If you are approaching your airport and greater than your aircrafts MLW you can fuel dump above a certain altitude (i believe 10,000 ft) to reduce total load weight.

You can find these settings in the toolbar

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