Plane rocking in flight

I’m currently flying a Cessna Citation X over Europe and the jet keeps rocking as though there is turbulence despite me having no turbulence in my weather conditions. How could this be?

How fast are you going? My guess is that you are going to fast.

I’m flying at Mach 0.88/505 ktas ground speed, which is a typical cruise for this aircraft

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What altitude?

Mach .88 is too fast. You shouldn’t be flying above Mach .82 or .83.

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I’m at 42,000ft

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That speed is too fast and the combined with that FL I think this is why you’re seeing the swaying of the aircraft.

It’s stopped rocking but it occasionally jolts

Not true. The CCX is the fastest private business jet and flies at M0.91 comfortably during a high-speed cruise :)


That is true!

You know what never mind.

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I’ve also found this with the X. Slightest bit of wind and you’re in for a bit of a ride. In think it needs a rework. I’m pretty sure M.88 is fine for the X.
Here is the link for the rework.

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I also experienced this on my 747 flight prior to this one - I cruised at Mach 0.85 at 35,000ft and it jolted a little

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Sorry - my intent wasn’t that it’s too fast for the citation or too high for the citation. I should have clarified. In IF I’ve found several aircrafts don’t fly so well that high or that fast on AP. I feel the AP has a hard time handling it in IF.

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