Plane recommendations

If you were to recommend your favorite airline one plane that they should add to their fleet IRL, what airline, and what plane.

Personally, I’d love to see the LOT Polish livery on the A350. LOT 787s already look amazing to me, but I think if they bought the A350, they can improve the quality in the cabin a bit more, and have a much sleeker plane.

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& maybe this would belong in Real World Aviation? I believe the Iceland Air “Northern Lights” Livery is one of the best in my opinion and would love to see it available atleast on one aircraft of most aircraft. I don’t know why, I just absolutely love it!


I’m saying IRL, not on IF

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Yep. Forgot to change the topic location. Thanks

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Continue. I didn’t understand what the topic was at first but now I understand. Carry on! 🙂


JetBlue needs some widebodys in my opinion needs to expand to Europe :-)


This is in no way a feature request. He’s asking what aircraft you would like to see an airline operate in real life

Example: He said he thinks a LOT Polish A350 would look cool. Like I think an American Airlines A321NEO would be spectacular. Sure the name looks misleading, but reading the post would help to understand.

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American Airlines A350 (before the orders were ditched for Dreamliners) would’ve been a nice sight in the sky and a perfect fit for routes flying trans-pacific.

I think that a Delta 777x would look good A330, although they have one, I believe it’s in lease, some more trans-atlantic flight would be nice.

American flying the Jumbo would be an awesome sight IMO

It has to be the Iceland Air A350

Well, they did use to have some 747s for pax and cargo service, but a new jumbo would be awesome.

A westjet 747-8i in their new livery, and a Delta 787 would look great imo.

British Airways A350 (btw rhey have already ordered I think 18 A350-1000s)

JetBlue A321neo and Ryanair B737MAX