Plane Randomly warping itself to different altitudes During Flight

Today Flying from PGUA-RKPK I encountered a Serious Bug/Glitch which caused me to receive 3 Violations which I had no control over.

This Bug/Glitch has occurred to me 3 Times over the last week but this one was the most serious. The first time last Tuesday I believe I was on final Into Barcelona And it occurred. What happens is I am flying Routinely And all of a sudden my plane keeps Warping itself Almost into different altitudes and I had no control over it and couldn’t control anything on my screen. Luckily I was only Like I said on short final And Crashed before anything mad could’ve happened Like violations. The same thing occurred yesterday afternoon On approach Into KSUU. I was about 7-9Nm out from runway 21R and it started happening again where I had no control over my aircraft and it kept transitioning and warping itself Into different altitudes. It wasn’t as bad this time luckily as it only lasted About 10-15 Seconds and ended up Just going around as I found myself at about 5000 Feet after Being at about 2500 when the glitch Occured. Today tho however was the worst one as I was Like I said Flying From Guam-South Korea when at about FL210 I could not control my screen And it just Started Bouncing From random altitudes With Out me being able to control anything. I was Flying a C-17 And by the time The issue had occurred I found myself in the Pacific with The Notice Grade 3 Required For this server and the stall warning at the top of my screen.

My device I was using For all of these flights Has been An IPad Mini 2 Running IOS 11.0.3(15A432) With Over 3Gb Of storage remaining so I thought that could have been an issue at first but quickly ruled that out

I am also Running the Version 17.04.1 Of infinite flight

My callsign Was IFAE-IFATC Calvin at the time of the Occurrence and it has been 2 Aircraft Now I have had this happen with Which are the C-17 And A321 And multiple Areas of the world Including California,Barcelona And Now the middle of the Pacific. I should also point out I have done numerous other flights on this device Ranging from 1 hour all the way to 14 hours without this happening. Please let me know what actions I can take to prevent this from happening in the future as violations are something I frown upon and do not represent me as a pilot. Please let me know if theres any addition information or action I can take and thank you in advance.

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When is the last time your have powered down your iPad

This morning, I did it after the issue occurred last night.


If you can get a video if it happening that would be great.

Yes I’ve been trying to however Today I was so disused in trying to get Control of the plane back it’s hard.If it happens again I definetley will

This has happened a few times to me. All I did was restart my device and it worked. What have you tried to do in order to fix it?

I’ve Restarted my device multiple times, Deleted apps, Redownload Infinite flight and that was After last Tuesday’s infident yet it still happened again this morning.

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Have you tried a factory reset of your device? Are you using jailbreak?

No I am not using jailbreak and no I have not tried factory Reset and am probably going to I just don’t know how that would fix the problem.

It helps relieve the stress off your device lol

Yea I understand that But i have no other issues with apps on this device and it’s aleays worked fine. I also never had this glitch before global and always ran it very smoothly on this device. If it happens again I’ll factory reset but I don’t want to Have to redownload everything else on my iPad again.

You will still have all your info on there. It will ask you if you want to save your info and photos and stuff

Ok In that case I will do that. Just hoping it doesn’t happen again after this as the 3 violations I received because of it do not Sit well with me. I also don’t want this happening to others as it sucks To get violations for something you can’t control.


I would also like to point out I’m not sure how I received these violations as It said I was stalling when It said “Crashed”

I never seen a glitch like this. Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling Infinite Flight.

Yes I have 2 times once after last Tuesday and Then again last night

i had this same problem and got 8 violations for speeding! there goes my good record :(

Yea it Is very annoying. Just hoping It gets fixed so others don’t have to deal with this and receive unwarranted violations.

Overspeeding is something you have to worry about at all aspects of flight. Just because you are over 10,000 doesn’t give you free reign. All it takes is for some turbulence to play with your speed while you are sitting on the line.

I’d still like to see a video of the altitude issue if possible.

It had nothing to do with my speed As I was going no more then 240knots passing through Fl210. The issue is that My Plane Like I said kept moving and stalling itself from 10K feet 1 second to 25K once and then eventually I ended up stalled into the ground with 3 violations After I had no Control over the Aircraft.

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