Plane purchasing issue

On the Android IF app when I try to buy a plane this error keeps popping up.

Error retrieving information from server. [DF-AA-20]

I have tried to purchase other planes but the Error kept popping up. Anyone know how to fix this?

Is this a certain aircraft or just any planes in general?

Infinite Flight has mainly switched from individual purchases to the Pro Subscription Model. But since some people’s devices can’t handle the pro or can’t pay for pro, they have kept the old model as well.

Try to restart the app. If that doesn’t work, delete the app, reinstall and then click “Restore Purchases”. Ensure that you log back into the same account with those purchases.

Check back with me on if this works out,


What device do you have? It looks like you are pre-global now at this time you can’t buy aircraft. Its part of the pro subscription (you now get all aircraft with a pro sub)


Have you tried using a different payment method to check if it’s an app issue or payments account issue?

Let’s wait for the OP’s answer before we continue with the other questions please. :)


I have a LG Optimus L9 for T- Mobile an old but fast device.

I can’t purchase any of the planes, unfortunately even after I restarted it the problem still existed. Thanks for helping Jack.

I’m using a Hong Kong google play gift card to purchase it. There’s money in my google account. I cannot change it to a different payment method. I’m pretty sure it’s an app issue because it says Error retrieving information from server.

Take a read at this:

I have searched on google, your LG Optimus L9 android system is Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

What if to try to update your OS ?

Same here, i always use this payment options to purchase the Pro Subscription and No problem :)


It looks like you are using an older version of Infinite Flight. In-app purchases are no longer supported. You will have to upgrade to a device that supports the Global update and buy a subscription. It will allow you to fly every single plane in the app and gives you access to the entire globe!

I suggest having a look at our Minimum Device Requirements.

Android Requirements:

  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system or later
  • Device must support OpenGL ES 3.0

Note: Due to large variety of Android devices there is not a specific list of supported devices. Customers with devices that are not supported at this time will receive a message on the Google PlayStore when attempting to download the latest update for Infinite Flight to advise that the device in use is not supported.

We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

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