Plane pulling to the right

I don‘t know what to do. While taking off after reaching about 170 knots the nose of my plane is leaning to the right what makes my take off look very bad. After every take off my plane is on the right side of the runway.

I don‘t know what might cause the issue. I tried it with the Boeing 777-300ER and the Boeing 787-9. And a few others the other day. Usually i was able to perform a smooth take off. I am using an iPad Air 2.
Thanks for every help!

Do you have a video? It would be very helpful in these types of situations.

Settings - weight- decrease

Check your weather settings, what I noticed after I started a solo flight was the weather settings were AUTOMATICALLY changed.

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First, as foolish as it may seem make sure you had both engines running. Was there a cross wind present, and perhaps you weren’t using enough rudder to correct for it? You may also want to recalibrate your device prior to takeoff. Just a few things to double check.

Rotating at 170 in the 78 is a little much. I normally begin my rotation around 130. In the 77 it is around 145-150 I begin my rotation.
Higher Speeds = Less Control

  1. If its heavy 170kts would make you stall you need about 200 or above
  2. if you retract the flaps early you wouldn’t get enough lift which is likely to stall

Reminder: TO/GA is not full power

I still dont have global.

Thank you! Wasn‘t expecting that 8knots could have so much influence.

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I know it can have a big difference in any aircraft from when I first opened global.