Plane problems when landing

So when I land sometimes my plane will decide to do a few donuts here’s a picture

device: IPad , version: IOS 9.8

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What’s your approach speed? You’ve got flaps set there at 25. you should really have them at full for your final. Take into account the windspeeds when you land too, if you’re coming in hot and then trying to slam the brakes on and keep the thing level at the same time you can easily over-compensate and send yourself spinning off into the grass.


Definitely look up the correct approach and landing speeds for your aircraft. Touching down too fast can cause you to spin out.

do you have the ability to update to iOS 10.2? I would maybe put this to old iOS software also, especially hearing donuts.

787 is known for it’s drifting ability.

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But have you seen the A380! I find this weird

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May I ask what iPad?

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Make sure you flare on landing so the main gear touches down first then slowly bring the nose gear down. This should fix your problem.

Depends on runway length, weather, weight etc. In fact, the 777 sometimes uses flap 25.

I didn’t know they had IOS 9.8…

Ipad 2 and its 3 years old

Oh okay, the iPad is still supported but it is old. I recommend when you can, you get a new ipad…

@Potato_pilot it was actually IOS 9.3.5

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Nope I can’t upgrade to IOS 10.2

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