Plane Pitching Up mid flight during a head wind or tailwind

Every time I do a long haul flight that is about 8 hours and up my plane about mid flight or before and maybe after will get a tail wind or head wind and it will pitch up and loose a lot of speed and when I have done this overnight flight i’ll Either have stalled and crashed or Be stalling at quite a rate can you tell me why? Because it never happens in real life

If you can it will be greatly appreciated.

Please do not reply to this topic as the Problem has been solved thanks to the amazing help from @George_Anastasis

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Hey Elliott, What aircraft are you using at what altitude are you flying at ?.

Were was you flying, Currently reading other issues similar to try and help!

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Between 31,000-46,000Feet

What aircraft ?

Usually the 787 if not the 777

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For your statement about what altitude you cruise at you shouldn’t really be passing FL430ish which is really high for a 787 and 777. When doing a long haul overnighter flight you are heavy to start with so you cannot fly to high which can be the reason for you stalling.

Check out this tutorial on how to step climb:

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Nether the b787 and b777 can fly at 46,000 feet.

The max altitude for the 787 is 43,000ft and the 777 is 43,100 feet

@TwinsRock88 the 787 is designed to o to FL440 and the 777 is designed to go to FL430

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The 46,000 feet is in the Cessna Citation X

Those are max altitudes, also the will only usually fly at that altitude when they are light weight and used a lot of fuel up

@George_Anastasis you have a point

@George_Anastasis and anyway i’ll Only do it within the last 5-6hours of the flight

Your issue is that your aircraft lost a lot of speed and started to stall and then started to pitch up and down to try and keep the altitude but that left you for a crash!

I have had it a few times but been able to recover between 12-24,000 feet

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I usually fly no more than 36,000 feet and never had this issue. These altitudes I use are great !

Hope I was able to help and solve another mystery

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@George_Anastasis Thankyou very much I’ll try no more at 43,000 feet and up if that will happen I think my maximum altitude now will be FL410 thankyou for your help

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You never know. Some amazing people here which can give tips and if you sure iv’e resolved the issue you can press a green box!

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