Plane pitching up during cruise

Hi guys.
I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but for some reason my plane has started to pitch up during cruise. I’m flying 787-9 at the moment but inalso fly the Cessna citation x and it seems to do be doing the same, and it doesn’t matter where the trim is set. Any ideas? Thanks. Ant

You’re heavy try to step climb. Notice your N1 of 101% not good.

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Hi mate. Yeah I noticed that too and I couldn’t seem to get that down either. I put it down to the angle of the plane. I’ll try to step it a bit more. Thanks.

I usually try to have a little more weight at the front of the plane, and that helps my plane stay level.

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You’re at -60% trim as well. Trim up instead. :)


Ahh. See I’ve been balancing it out 50/50 I’ll try moving the weight for the next flight and also increase the steps.

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trim is definitely causing the problem your sorted when it’s back too 0 % 🙂

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Yeah I was playing with the trim to see if it made a difference that’s why it’s kinda at -60% i thought trim up would pitch the nose up more?

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There’s a great article in the Tutorials section “Understanding Trim” I highly recommend it.

Hi mate. I haven’t read the article I have watched Mark’s video on it on YouTube tho. And although he shows you the way pitch works (which I understand) I couldn’t work out the problem I’m having. I’ll have a look for the article and have a read. Cheers.

I think this should be in #support correct me if i am wrong!

These are good tutorials for how to use trim.

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Thank you. I will have a good read.

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No, #support is for issues with the app

Oh ok! I assume this is just a lack of pilot experience!

Sorry but thanks for that!

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