Plane pitching up and down on takeoff

why does my plane pitch up and down on takeoff ?


If you could upload a replay file on and post it on here, it would greatly help to identify the cause.

Pitching up and down is usually a result of rotating before Vr and/or device handling.

It could be because of your device calibration and/or trim settings. In addition, you may be a little overweight - aircraft just around MTOW need a little more careful handling to get them under control on takeoff.

Also - are you turning on autopilot immediately after takeoff? That could sometimes be a factor, you’ll need to set an appropriate VS to get to whatever altitude you want.

i set ap pretty much straight after takeoff

Make sure you have both the correct altitude (I usually set it to 5000 feet or above) and VS (I usually set it at 2200 feet/min) dialled in and turned on on the autopilot (orange, not grey).

Also - if you’d like to add a touch of realism - usually, pilots don’t set autopilot until about 1000 feet AGL.

But please do post the replay file, so we can take a look at what’s going on.

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Please send you replaybsn that we’re can try to help you

im pretty sure its because of your altitude.
If it isnt orange, your plane can dive up and down

what changes orange ?

They mean after takeoff not at cruise

but what goes orange?

your altitude box should turn orange. you only specified putting on AP on departure.

ohhhh yeah
i get it

I set it on a 2,000 feet and do it 1 by 1 like speed 1st then o put up the flaps, next I put on LNAV then I’m all set

can you send the replay link to try to help you

Can you please share your replay using a the website share my infinite flight and pls stop completely ignoring the ppl that ask you for one

I apologize for saying this but I think he doesn’t want to be helped and in a few days he will ask the same question, as he did 5 days ago, I apologize for being so rude.

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sorry i just finished the flight

i set my cruise altitude being o takeoff on ap then press it it’s only happened in the last two flights

You can send your replay if you’d like, it doesn’t 100% matter to me. From what it seems, the autopilot corrects itself since you activate it at such an early stage of flight. Obviously the autopilot isn’t meant to be 100% perfect, nor is it going to maintain the VS you have set right away. It’ll bob up and down to adjust itself, especially if when you’re activating it is immediately after takeoff at an unstable stage of flight. As @CaptainSooraj mentioned in between the barrage of people demanding for a people, handfly until at least 1000 feet AGL, just to reach that stable stage of flight before activating your autopilot. I also apologize, on behalf of the people barraging you with snarky remarks and demanding for your replay.

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