Plane pitches up when disabling Autopilot

I was flying an A321 on approach to KRSW and before I disengaged the autopilot I calibrated but when I turned off the AP, the plane pitched severely up and stalled even though it was flying 180 knots, it wouldn’t pitch down and crashed after a 3 hour flight.

Make sure you have flaps deployed and use the trim, also the A321 is pretty unstable in IF.


did you have too much trim applied ??

Hey Noah!

In addition to what the other guys commented, could we please have your replay so we can investigate the issue in greater detail? You can share the replay by following this link:

Please note that the A320 family does have some issues with the autopilot, so it is plausible that you have encountered an already known bug :)

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Actually none at all

I didn’t have flaps but usually they make the plane pitch up more for me

I have this issue when I calibrate my device while the plane is descending, as when you take off AP it will shoot the plane up wards as it’s a rapid change in elevation

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That’s exactly what happened

Make sure your trim tab is set correctly. There should be no pink in the trim before you disengage AP. If you have a significant amount of pink in the trim tab you will either pitch up or down depending on what your pitch needs to be calibrated. Calibrating calibrates your motions it does not calibrate the trim.


I don’t even use trim because I don’t know how to use it 😬 I’ll watch a video to understand it, thanks!

Maybe your calibration?

Maybe try updating MCAS?

I understand that’s a joke but when I last checked the Airbus A321 doesn’t have the MCAS system.

Correct :)

Well then there’s your problem. Read up on it and use it and your problem will be fixed

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you should probably not be flying 180 knots without flaps. Depending on your exact weight that had to be pretty much right around stall speed without any. Flaps allow planes to go slower without stalling,

Yup… opened up solo and 180 knots is near the edge of stalling without flaps with a normal weight of 55200 kg. (about the slowest you can fly level with that load and no flaps is around 170)

With no flaps you have to fight to keep the nose pretty much 5 degrees up to maintain level flight. Flaps 1 you can lower the nose to about +3.5 at 180 kts, and flaps 2 down to around 2 degrees.

A typical landing speed for the A321 is 140 kts and full flaps.

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