Plane Pitches Up Then Down

Lately I’ve been noticing that sometimes when I extend flaps from 1 to 5 degrees (with Boeing), the plane would pitch up, then pitch down.

I’ve searched up Vref speeds for whatever aircraft I’m flying, and I pull down flaps near those Vref speeds but the plane is still pitching up then down.

Is there something I’m missing?

It is natural for aircraft to pitch up slightly when extending flaps. Pilots usually counter this by pushing forward slightly on the yoke or sidestick.

Even with A/P on?

2-4 degrees?

You’re adding more lift thus the planes nose lifts up to try to keep the angle but that it corrects itself, it happens when you change flaps after takeoff

Yes it will pitch up slightly with autopilot on. It’s due to the change of airflow over the aircraft and the aircraft trying to correct itself.

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But to answer your question, you’re not missing anything:) it just happens as you add more lift

With the AP on and assuming a constant speed and altitude the aircraft should pitch nose down when you extend flaps.

This is because you are now producing more lift for the same speed and the AOA needs to be reduced.

To counter this I try and change my flap setting at the same time as I changing speed, even if only by 10kts, as then the pitch up/down is less noticeable

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That’s natural phenomenon. When small flaps extended that will create lifts same as when taking off… You might ask, why use small flaps when landing if it creates lifts. Don’t forget you powering down as well… Then bigger flaps create bigger drag. Normal aircrafts you don’t experience this as passenger becoz on the massive plane you sit in the centre of gravity.

-Flaps create lift as well as drag, it depends on how fast you go.

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