Plane & Pilot's 100th Event

Hey everyone!

As some of you know, Plane & Pilot just celebrated our 100th IFC event! We have now held more than 3 times as many as any other VO or individual in Infinite Flight! To celebrate, we drew a massive 100 in the sky above California:. You can read more about the event here:

These are my best photos from the event. All of them are straight out of Infinite Flight and haven’t been edited. Enjoy!

At the corporate apron at KSJC, preparing for our flight. The sunrise this morning was incredible!

Taking off! Again, the sunrise combined with the low visibility was just breathtaking!

Climbing out of the Bay Area:

Our flight plan with everyone in the air:

Flying into the sunrise:

The California coast:

@Captain_Awerty on final to KBUR:

Parked at KBUR after a successful 4 hour flight:

My completed flight path. We had a few hiccups with the autopilot, but I think it turned out pretty well overall!

Thanks for checking out the photos, and thanks to @anon41771314, @Rishon_R, @Niccckk, @David_Mullen, @Captain_Awerty, @KC3DLL, @Jet_Airways_995, and @Jermaine_Edwards2 for attending this event and helping celebrate this huge milestone!


Thanks for making your 100th event at SJC! 😃

I’m sad I couldn’t come but I hoped you all had fun! 😃


How was the visibility. When I flew into SJC really early this morning there was 1sm visibility

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It was pretty low, probably because of the smoke.

That’s why the sunrise was so amazing.

Yea that sunrise looked nice. It’s crazy that IF will even simulate smoke from nearby wildfires. Hope everything went well

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Was fantastic guys thanks for a enjoyable professional flight even with the autopilot hiccup hope to do it again sometime.

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