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Hey there,
Quick note, if you change your IF graphics settings to high then the website home photo will look a lot better!

Hello! All of the photos on our website were taken with high graphic settings and anti-aliasing turned on:-) Maybe make sure that you have a fast internet connection and then they will load better.

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When is the hiring is due and is IF Live Pro subscription require?

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No more than a week, it depends on the responses we get.

It is yes. One of the main jobs of the media manager is to record YouTube videos of our events. You can’t do that without a subscription.

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Welcome our new Media Manager!

We very excited to announce that @Mattheus has joined our staff team as media manager! He will be managing our website, blog, YouTube, and other forms of social media. Mattheus has lots of experience in social media and website management, so he will make a great addition to our team! Welcome to Plane & Pilot!


Thanks @PlaneCrazy. Over the next few weeks, I hope to familiarize myself to P&P. I am going to start managing our media and make it better and more interactive. I hope you all are excited for the new things to come.



Website Updates

Our website has been updated. Including a new blog post! Go check it out!


Partnership with @ifcmagazine!

Plane & Pilot is excited to announce that we have agreed on a long term partnership with one of Infinite Flight’s best news sources, the IFC Magazine! Keep an eye out for more of our ads in future issues, as well as several partnered events! Make sure to go check them out on their new website:



P&P News

Along with that. The first issue of P&P news is out. Detailing our partnership with ifcmagazine! It can be view below!!


I don’t know how to use the ATC thread, but I am going to be an CTI student. Is that OK for you guys to let me do controller?

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Hi, to become a controller for P&P. You must join slack first and take the test. For ATC Tracking thread, just use the example from any atc tracking thread. After you have done making ATC Thread, copy the link and paste the link into the test.

P.S. I’m not sure if ATC Tracking thread is a requirement or not in order to join.

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You have to do an ATC tracking thread and have good standing in IFC in order to join :)
You’ll do an exam on the form @ERAU_Hatsune

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sure. do you guys do vocal atc?

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No, we provide ATC for P&P event.


@ERAU_Hatsune we control using the text ATC that is in the simulator. When you are ready to join us, fill out this form:

Thanks for being interested! Hope to have you on our team soon!


Improved ATC Team!

Due to the increasing interest in our ATC team, which now has over 20 members, Plane & Pilot has decided to completely overhaul the program to provide a better experience for everyone involved. Here is what we have added:

Introducing our IFATC division, a new way for IFATC to interact with our ATC team! Members of the team get priority to control at occasional Expert server events. They also help train other members to better prepare them for controlling at our events and IFATC training. If you would like to join us, please send a PM to @PlaneCrazy or @Ryan_Vidad that includes your username on the IFATC Slack.

Our ATC team is now divided up into ranks to ensure quality ATC and training services. If you are an active member and good controller, you will move up in the ranks! Here are the requirements and privileges of each.

Trainee: This is the rank that you are given when you have passed our written test and joined our team. Trainees are allowed to control at Plane & Pilot Pattern events and can request tower/ground training sessions.

Intermediate: Intermediates have controlled at at least 1 pattern event and one training/evaluation session with few errors. They are allowed to control at both Pattern and Primary Events, as well as request both approach/departure and tower/ground training sessions.

Senior: Seniors have controlled tower/ground at several events, and have completed at least one approach/departure training session with few errors. They are allowed to provide tower/ground and approach/departure to all TS1 events.

Specialist: Specialists have pasted both IFATC ground/tower tests and are an IFATC controller. They have the ability to give ground/tower training and evaluation sessions. They can also request radar training sessions from officers.

Officer: Officers have passed IFATC radar tests. They have the ability to give both ground/tower and approach/departure evaluations.

Training Sessions: Plane & Pilot now offers radar and tower/ground training sessions to members who are looking to improve their ATC skills and achieve higher ranks in our team. Sessions can be scheduled with our IFATC members, who will evaluate your performance and give you feedback.

If you want to try out these new features for yourself, make sure to join our ATC team by filling out this form:


I love to see this team growing!


This is going to be murder on my SIIIIICK website editing skills.


We are very excited to announce that today we welcomed our 100th active Slack member, @Matt777! We are very happy to be continuing to grow and to be able to pass this huge milestone, and look forward to continuing to welcome new members to our group almost every day. Thank you to all of our members for making this VO what it is today!

And guess what? You can join us too! Our flying club was created under one simple philosophy, that you shouldn’t have to work to be in a VO, just fly and chat with other people as you please. If you want to be a part of an Infinite Flight group but don’t have time to deal with a crew center, log all of your flights and flight hours, or be required to be active, Plane & Pilot is the club for you! Here you join over 100 other members and discuss anything from Infinite Flight and aviation to your favorite book and the weather in your area, host or join group flights with other members, or come to one of our internal events, hosted every Sunday. To join, all you have to do is join our Slack with the link below! That’s right, no pesky forms, requirements or evaluations, just join us and enjoy! We hope to see you there soon!

Join us!


I still can’t believe I was the second person to join the Slack :O

sorry I already said this over Instagram but IFC needs to know too XD

Congratulations on this milestone! :D